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Musique + Fiona Reference by coat Musique + Fiona Reference by coat
Fiona and Musique are a joyful, ever-traveling pair. They are constantly on the move, although Fiona adores the lush forests and Musique longs for echoing craggy peaks. Musique brings the joy of music to those in need, as her angelic voice is a perfect remedy in many situations. When Musique embarked on this adventure, her faithful friend just had to come along; Fiona helps by just being herself; a lovable, fluffy creature for patients to snuggle.

Fiona is a gentle, shy creature. Her sensitive ears can easily pick up the slightest of sounds, and this helps her spot danger far ahead of time. She is rarely seen; although her outgoing buddy Musique is always close beside her. Fiona is a caring animal, with a motherly instinct. She loves her patients dearly, as helping out is her favorite thing. Fiona’s legs are short and stout, with stubby antlers, and her body is covered in a thick layer of downy fluff. Her tail is similar to a bunny rabbit. All Fiona wants is to be loved, and for everyone to be safe and at peace.

Unlike her soft-spoken companion, Musique is bouncy, energetic, and most of all: loud. There is never a moment where Musique is not belting a new song; she thrives where there is an abundance of noise. Like her partner, a key similarity is that they both are very caring. Musique is thrilled that her voice can be helpful, and she immediately leaped at the idea of leaving on a journey. Musique has a much sleeker pelt than Fiona; her only source of fluff is found on her underbelly, face, and rear end. Because she has a thin coat, Musique is often cold and is usually seen wearing her scarf.

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Aren't they charming? Adopted these cuties from the lovely *Shelshea! The artwork is also by her! Go buy some of her adoptables, they are stunning!<3

Characters [c] =coat
Artwork/designs [c] *Shelshea
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